Congratulations | Tinkerbio won the honorary title of "2023 Zhejiang Industry-Academic-Research Coop

Issuing time:2023-12-19 09:38

In order to further implement the work requirements of the Party Central Committee and the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, help Zhejiang enterprises transform and upgrade, promote the high-quality development of Zhejiang's economy, cultivate new productive forces, and promote new industrialization. On December 16, under the guidance of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the "2023 Zhejiang Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Conference and Environmental Protection Conference" was hosted by the Hangzhou Xihu District People's Government and the Zhejiang Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Association. University Innovation Circle West Lake Forum” was held in Hangzhou.

With the theme of "Innovation drives industry-university-research cooperation, science and technology innovation empowers high-quality development", this conference continues the grand occasion of previous conferences, bringing together elites from all walks of life such as government, industry, academia, and research, and focusing on the integration and development of technological innovation and university innovation circles. Tao, focusing on cutting-edge topics in the industry, discussing the future development direction of the industry, and conducting in-depth exchanges on government-enterprise cooperation, school-enterprise cooperation, and promoting the integration of industry, academia, and research.

At this conference, Hangzhou Tinkerbio Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the "2023 Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Award".

Award ceremony (fifth from left is the representative of TingkerBio)

(Award certificate)

In recent years, Hangzhou TingkerBio Technology Co., Ltd. has successively obtained: National High-tech Enterprise, Zhejiang Province High-Growth Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Zhejiang Province Top 100 Most Growth Technology Enterprises, Hangzhou Qinglan Enterprise, Xiaoshan District Key Support Strategic Industry , Zhejiang Province Specialized and New Enterprise, 2023 Hangzhou Expert Workstation and other honors. Winning the "2023 Zhejiang Province Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Award" is not only a high degree of recognition of the company's independent innovation capabilities and scientific research strength, but also an affirmation of the company's remarkable achievements in industry-university-research cooperation.

In the future, Tinkerbio will continue to make unremitting efforts to focus on cutting-edge technologies in the field of microfluidics, strengthen cooperation with universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises, continuously improve the technical strength and innovation capabilities of microfluidic product development, and make contributions to the scientific and technological innovation of Zhejiang Province. greater contribution.

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