2014   January 10, Hangzhou TingkeBio Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
                iTinkerbio received funding from the first batch of "5213" plan key support projects in Xiaoshan District in 2014.

                 The R&D team participated in the sub-project of the national major scientific instrument and equipment development
                    project "Development and Application of Aerospace Medical Body Fluid Research Equipment".

            In September, the company was recognized as a “Blue Enterprise” in Hangzhou by the Hangzhou Science and Technology Commission

                In October, TingkeBio received its first round of angel investment

                Successfully developed two major technology platforms: centrifugal microfluidics and pump-valve driven microfluidics. Three series of
                   microfluidic POCT systems for biochemistry, immunity and nucleic acid (fully automatic centrifugal microfluidic biochemical analyzer,
                   centrifugal microfluidic nucleic acid amplification analyzer, handheld microfluidic pesticide residue rapid tester).

2017 Construction of a batch production line for polymer (PMMA, PC, PP, COC, PS, etc.)microfluidic chips.

                Establishment of the mass production process for microfluidic chips from mold injection, thermoforming, surface modification, reagent
                   integration, and rapid bonding.

             In April, TimerBio received the second round of investment.

                In August, the company was recognized as "Hangzhou High-tech Enterprise".

2018年   In January, the company undertook a major science and technology plan project of Xiaoshan District, "Development of textile quality
                    and safety on-site rapid detection system based on microfluidic chip technology".
                 In December, the company was recognized as "National High-tech Enterprise".

                 TinkerBio provides microfluidic chip product design, development, processing and production services to hundreds of universities and
                    companies at home and abroad, becoming a pioneer in microfluidic chip CDMO.

2021年   TinkerBio received the third round of investment.

                 TinkerBio has built a 1,000m² microfluidic chip R&D laboratory and a 2,000 m² microfluidic chip GMP standard production workshop.

                 The R&D team participated in the Zhejiang Provincial Key R&D Program Project "High Sensitivity Rapid Diagnostic Reagents and
                    Equipment R&D", "Covid-19 Nucleic Acid Rapid Detection System".

                In December, the Company was recognized as a "National High-Tech Enterprise" again after 2018.

2022年   In June, TinkerBio successfully passed the ISO13485:2016 medical device quality management system certification.

                In June, the TinkerBio textile rapid testing microfluidic chip project was approved by the Fujian Provincial Department of Science and

                 In December, Tingke Biotechnology was awarded the honorary title of "Hangzhou 2022 Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises".

2023年   TinkerBio completed tens of millions of yuan in Series A+ financing and accelerated the construction of a microfluidic chip production

                In March, the pesticide residue rapid tester independently developed by Tingke Biotech was selected into the "2022 Hangzhou
                   High-Quality Product Recommended Catalog"

                In May, TinkerBio was ranked among the "2023 Future Healthcare 100 Main List" and "China's Top 100 Innovative Business and
                   Supply Chain Services List".

                In May, TinkerBio was recognized as a specialized and innovative small and medium-sized enterprise.

              iIn May, TinkerBio was recognized as the "Hangzhou TinkerBio Microfluidic Chip Enterprise High-tech Research and Development Center".

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